Dump truck causes Boyle County bridge to collapse

BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The road some Boyle County families depend on to get to and from their homes has been closed because of a bridge collapse.

Boyle County Emergency Manager Mike Wilder says a dump truck caused the collapse on Gose Pike, near Danville, Thursday night.

"A large dump truck loaded with asphalt, with a trailer behind it with a paver, a roller on the back of it, came through here and the bridge just gave way," Wilder said. "The bridge has got to come out. There's not anything that we can do to repair it."

The people living past the bridge aren't completely cut off. Wilder says crews have made two temporary roads. The first road is for people living in the area. The second, larger road is for farm vehicles and any emergency vehicles that need to get down Gose Pike.

No one was injured in the collapse. The dump truck that caused the collapse was able to make it across.

Wilder hopes crews can make temporary repairs, so the bridge can be back in use by Friday night. He says a permanent solution will take much longer.

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