Family, Deputy Scuffle After Sentencing For Jamie Barnett

On the day a convicted cop killer learned his fate, emotions ran high outside a Powell County courthouse.

Jamie Barnett appeared in court on Wednesday morning for formal sentencing. He was convicted of wanton murder in the shooting death of Clay City Police Chief Randy Lacy.

Barnett was sentenced to life in prison with parole after 20 years.

The sentencing went smoothly, but that wasn't the case outside the courthouse.

Members of the Barnett family were attempting to see Jamie Barnett off as he was placed in a cruiser to be taken back to jail. Somehow, words were exchanged between family members and the deputy escorting Jamie Barnett. No punches were thrown, but some present called it a scuffle.

Jamie Barnett's bother, Jerry, was arrested. He's been charged with terroristic threatening and disorderly conduct. The threatening charge is a felony and law enforcement officials say they plan to prosecute Barnett on that charge.

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