Lights Out On I-75

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Don't be surprised if you hit a patch of I-75 or I-64 where the street lights are out. That's because crooks have been stealing the copper wires that power the lights, for cash.

The thefts started about a month ago says David Thacker with the Kentucky Department of Transportation. "The most massive one we had was at the Kentucky Horse Park. Seventy-five connectors were removed. Since then the Transportation Cabinet has been working to get the lights back on, but they're outpacing us," says Thacker.

So far officials don't know who is behind the thefts. But Thacker says it's possible that whoever is stealing the cooper is doing it in the daytime--hiding in plain sight.

The Transportation Cabinet spokesman says only people with official uniforms should be near the lights. He says anyone else should be reported to the police.

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