Southern KY Man Who Shot Parents Is Sentenced

Dustin Cordell is a convicted murderer. He shot and killed his mother, Candi, and his father, Tony survived a gunshot wound to the face.

“There's just losers all the way around in this situation,” said attorney, Ary Crabtree, who represents the man who opened fire on Tony and Candi Cordell in their McCreary County home in September 2007.

Cordell was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty but mentally ill.

“It doesn't matter who you victimize, whether it's family or complete strangers, justice ought to be served,” said prosecutor Robert Stephens.

During a preliminary hearing last year, police testified of Cordell's wild late night hallucination right before the gunfire in his parents bedroom.

“And he (Dustin Cordell) thought that the skulls that were burning were going to get him and his parents so he pulled out a gun and shot at the skulls,” said KSP Det. Doug Boyd in the Sept. 24, 2007 hearing.

“Some qualified medical people have examined Dustin, and they all conclude he's suffering from mental illness,:” said Crabtree.

But police and prosecuters also say drugs played a role.

“But using drugs doesn't excuse criminal behavior,” said Stephens.

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