Southern Kentucky Man Claims Illegal Dump Is Causing Him To Get Sick

A Wayne County man is demanding answers because of what he claims one company is doing near his home.

Bobby Coomer grew up in, and still lives in a home near Monticello. He claims Belden Wire & Cable Company contaminated his well, and severely affected his health by dumping wire nearby.

He says the illegal dumping has been going on for years, and some of it has since been covered over by loads of dirt.

At the bottom of a hill behind his home, rusty barrels and piles of wire sit right beside a creek, creating yellow scum and foam where a creek once ran clear.

The creek runs into Lake Cumberland. As far back as 9 years ago, the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection ordered Belden to remove any piles of wire and to document that removal. But years later, heaps of wire were still visible.

Belden representatives did not return 27 NEWSFIRST's calls for comment Wednesday.

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