Rockcastle Animal Shelter Under Investigation

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Following complaints about the Rockcastle Animal Shelter and recent news of two live puppies mistakenly thrown away in plastic bags, Rockcastle County Judge Executive Buzz Carloftis is now launching an investigation..

"We assure we will get to the bottom of it," says Carloftis. "This is inexcusable. We're going to find out what happened."

Last week, 27 Newsfirst were told about an employee of the shelter who found two puppies. The two puppies were said to have been bagged and placed in a freezer with euthanized dogs whose bodies were headed for the incinerator.

Carloftis says he wants to keep an incident like this from happening again.

"We're going to be serious about it, because this can't and won't be tolerated."

Carloftis says the information is expected to be gathered and presented to the magistrates to see how to proceed further with the investigation.

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