Frankfort Family Feud Leads to Violence

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Police say a family feud in Frankfort went terribly wrong, landing one man behind bars and another on the run.

At 6:20 Wednesday evening Frankfort police got a call of a shooting on Bald Knob Road.

They say when they arrived they found out two family members had gotten in a fight.

They say the nephew, 52-year-old Ernest Hensley was hit in the back with a hoe by his uncle. He then shot his uncle in the leg. Police have not released the uncle's name at this time.

Police say, after being shot in the leg, the uncle went across the street to another family members home where he got them to drive him to an unknown location. Police spent Wednesday night searching for him, but were unable to find him.

The nephew involved in the feud, Ernest Hensley, who was hit with the hoe and shot his uncle was arrested and charged with 1st degree assault. He had minor injuries to his back where he was hit.

Police do not know why the fight happened, or where the uncle is.

They do think alcohol played a part in the family feud, and they have been called to this residence before for violence.

They say as of right now, they are just searching for Ernest Hensley's uncle to question him about what happened in this family feud.

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