Credit Union Customers Scammed

A scam targeting customers of a local credit union may have new victims.

Recorded calls claim to be from the Commonwealth Credit Union.

The caller says the customer's account has been stopped.

The message says you need to call an 860 area code number to reactivate your account.

Once you call, it asks for your account information.

27 NEWSFIRST has learned many people in Frankfort received the phone calls late Wednesday night.

The city's 911 center says it even received some calls through both 911 and non-emergency numbers.

Dispatchers say they've already received calls from people who have fallen victim to the scam and have had their bank accounts emptied.

On the Commonwealth Credit Union's web site, it says it will never ask its customers to enter their information into an automated system.

You can also contact CCU if you receive a call, email or text message and have any concerns.

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