Abandoned And Injured Dog Gets A Second Chance

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A badly injured and neglected dog, abandoned at St. Claire Mall in Frankfort, now has a second chance at life thanks to one couple's love for all creatures big and small.

Last Saturday, Serefini restaurant manager Mark Moody came across a pathetic looking, flea bitten dog with a gun shot wound to one of its front legs. That dog couldn't have found a better friend.

Mark and his girlfriend, Tanya Stevens, have already taken in a number of stray animals. Moody tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "I think this is eleven dogs now that have come through and out of our house. We also do work with animal shelters and volunteers for fund raisers. We try to get em in, get em better, and find em a great new home."

Mark and Tanya took the injured dog to a vet who had to amputate the leg, and the bill just show upward. Tonya says, "It was about $1,100 all said and done on Monday afternoon. But through the generosity of a lot of people that we talked to through emails and phone calls, we have covered about $850 of that bill so far. Our community is very, very good about responding to those in need as far as animals go.

But there are few better in Frankfort than this couple. Mark says, "I guess she was kind of lucky that I did find her instead of animal control.
Tanya seconds that thought, "With a dog in her condition, I can guarantee they would mark her unadoptable, and she would have been euthanized ."

There's not much call for 3 legged coon hounds, but Mark and Tonya promise this one will stay with them until they're able to find the perfect new home for her.

If you would like to adopt the dog, now renamed "Sassy", just call 502-227-1706.

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