Stolen Road Signs Causing Major Problems

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They tell us where to go, but thieves in Rockcastle County are making driving a little harder now that road signs are turning up missing.

Officials in Rockcastle County are investigating just who is responsible for stealing a large number of road signs over the past few months.

"Sometimes we'll put them up on Friday and by Monday morning they're down again", says Buzz Carloftis, the Rockcastle Co. Judge-Executive.

Recently in one weekend, 56 road signs were taken in an area in the county. Judge-Executive Buzz Carloftis thinks he know why.

"Probably thought they were getting metal, but ours are a fiberglass, so there's no value, but they are a great value to the county", says Judge Carloftis.

Emergency officials in particular have recently realized how valuable the signs are. Having missing signs has been a big problem when responding to those needing help.

"It's very dangerous when you go out and can't reach someone because a sign is gone and someone needs to be in the hospital", says Judge Carloftis.

To stop this from happening, the county is using a combination of work release inmates, those serving community service, or volunteers to make new signs made from fiberglass.

Not only is this saving the county thousands of dollars to make their own signs, but Judge Carloftis is hoping it will keep people from taking them, making things a little easier on everyone.

"We're hoping people will get tired of tearing them down especially because they have no value", says Judge Carloftis.

Meanwhile Judge Carloftis says the more signs being stolen, that means the more tax money having to be spent to replace them.

He says for those caught stealing road signs, they will be charged and have to pay a fine or do community service.

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