Men Charged After Shoot-Out In Neighborhood

Two men face charges after a shoot-out in a Richmond neighborhood.

Shots were fired Thursday afternoon near the corner of Linden Street and Maple Street, not far from the YMCA.

Neighbors say it all started because of a speeding car.

Neighbors say Mark Goggins, who lives in the neighborhood was driving too fast. Another man who lives on the street stopped him and told him to slow down because children often play in the area.

Neighbors say the two men exchanged words and the situation escalated. Police say in the course of the argument, both men pulled out guns and started shooting.

No one was hurt, but a storm door on a house was shot out.

Police say they don't know how many shots were fired but say both men fired shots. Both guns have been recovered.

Both Hopkins and Goggins are charged with wanton endangerment and possession of a hand gun by a convicted felon.

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