Bed Bugs Infest Another Frankfort Home

At least one other Frankfort family is being forced out of their home because of bed bugs, and experts are expressing concern across the state. A total of 17 homes have now been hit with the bed bug infestation under the Housing Authority of Frankfort.

Katherine Cane lives in that neighborhood and says she hasn't had bed bugs in her home yet. But several of her neighbors have in the last year, including a next door neighbor who was forced to evacuate for treatment.

The fear of getting bed bugs herself is now keeping Cane and other neighbors on the lookout.

However, the problems don't end in this Frankfort community. Bed bug experts say the problem is growing across the state and the world, from college dorm rooms to upscale hotels.

Bed Bug specialists from the University of Kentucky say they are heavily researching the issue to see how to curb the problem.

UK bed bug researchers say bed bugs aren't just a social issue but a problem that can occur any time people come together. Several housing associations around the state are now meeting to address the growing problems of bed bugs.

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