Danville man accused of spying on neighbors after wireless camera was found in bathroom

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Timothy Payne, 54, only faces a misdemeanor charge of voyeurism but the allegations are quite serious. His neighbors claim he used a wireless camera to watch them while they were in the bathroom.

"To find a camera in your bathroom, that's the one place, you should feel secure in all your house but that's the one place you should feel the most secure and private," said Mark Walls. He says he found the camera when getting into the shower on November 30.

He says the digital, wireless camera was found in a ceiling vent in the bathroom of his Bluegrass Estates home. He called police whose investigation linked the camera to his neighbor Timothy Payne, a man he says he never invited into his home.

"No doubt he had to break into our house to put in the camera," said Walls.

Police say the recording device base station for the camera was actually found in a spare tire area in Payne's car.

"Why would anyone do this? With all the other stuff you can find out on the internet, why go through the trouble to break into someone's house to violate you in this way? Not only for me and my wife we also have three young boys who use that bathroom," said Walls.

In addition to the criminal charge, Payne is also facing a $1 million lawsuit from the Walls'.

The civil lawsuit was filed in April, but state police says their investigation started in November. Walls said it took months for police to link the camera to Payne. He says they have evidence of him buying the camera and having an account with Netgear.

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