Gang Graffiti Scrawled On Man's Garage

More signs of gang activity pop up in Lexington. One man says he woke up to find it scrawled on the side of his garage.

The graffiti was spray painted on the building on Highlawn Avenue.

Now he says he's forced to clean up signs of a crime... that he has nothing to do with.

The homeowner, O'Breen Everage says his neighbor actually spotted the scrawled messages.

He was going to simply paint over them but then thought he should get police involved because the messages were clearly gang-related.

He says he doesn't want his garage, which is located along an alley, to become a message board for gang members,

Everage says in the past, people in the neighborhood have tried to get that alley closed to traffic, but for now, it remains open.

Everage says he's hopeful more neighborhood involvement will put an end to this kind of gang activity.

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