Does Breastfeeding Law Need Penalties?

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A Richmond woman who says she was disturbed while breastfeeding at a fast food restaurant says she is hoping the incident will encourage more businesses to pay attention to the state law.

Jessica Denny tells 27 News First a manager at a Berea McDonald's asked her to cover up while she was breastfeeding and asked her to leave.

Police then asked her to leave the property, because McDonald's had asked her to leave,which made it a trespassing issue.

Since then the McDonald's has issued an apology.

Kentucky law says you are not allowed to disturb someone while breastfeeding.

Senator Tom Buford of Nicholasville, who pushed for the law, says it may need an update.

"If we have to, if we need to put penalties in the law, that will be a subject of the 2008 General Assembly. I know some women in the General Assembly feel strongly about this and I'd be glad to carry the bill or if they'd like to...either way", says Senator Tom Buford.

Jessica Denny tells us she hasn't filed a lawsuit at this time because her main goal is to get people to understand Kentucky's law and become comfortable with breastfeeding.

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