McConnell Promotes Energy Plan

DANVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Energy issues stayed at the forefront of Kentucky's U.S. Senate race Friday as Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell set forth his energy plan as a way to cut oil imports in half and his campaign released an ad attacking his Democratic opponent on the issue.

McConnell, the Senate's top-ranking Republican, promoted his proposal to boost energy production as well as conservation in a speech to the Danville Rotary Club.

It came on the same day his campaign released a new TV commercial in a continuing battle between McConnell and Democratic challenger Bruce Lunsford to gain the political high ground in the energy debate. The McConnell spot said the senator is leading the push for more oil exploration and accused Lunsford of resisting expansion of offshore drilling.

Lunsford's campaign fired back with a release saying the Democrat supports more domestic oil production, including offshore drilling in places currently off-limits.

"McConnell once again misrepresents Bruce Lunsford's position on the issues to cover up his long record of failure when it comes to lowering gas prices," Lunsford's campaign said.

The McConnell ad came a day after Lunsford unleashed his harshest attack yet on McConnell, saying the incumbent is the "master" of Washington's insider system. The ad says McConnell helped oil companies get huge tax breaks while receiving millions in campaign donations.

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