Robber Ties Up Grocery Store Employees, Gets Away

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A man armed with a knife reportedly robbed a Lexington Sav-A-Lot grocery store on Friday night.

Police say it all happened at about 9:30 p.m. as workers were preparing to close the store for the night.

"He came out of hiding and took everyone into the office where he tied them up, cut the phone lines and took the money from the office as well as the registers," said Lexington Police Lieutenant Garry Sennet.

Police say one of the employees managed to get untied and helped untie the others. Another employee reportedly got out of the store and called police.

The emergency response unit was called to the scene as police say they had reason to believe the suspect was still inside the store following the robbery. They were able to remotely access the store's surveillance video but found no evidence of the suspect inside. They say it appears he likely escaped out the back door of the building.

Police are looking for a hispanic man who was last seen wearing blue jeans, a plaid shirt and was carrying a black bag. He is armed with a knife.

Police have not disclosed how much money was stolen from the store.

Calls to Sav-A-Lot's corporate offices were unanswered.

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