Police Officer Chases Crash Suspect

A man is under arrest after Lexington police say he was involved in a hit-and-run crash then led a police officer on a chase.

The crash happened on North Mt. Tabor Road and ended blocks away on South Locust Hill Drive.

Only 27 NEWSFIRST was there when police arrested Nathan L. Brank at the Wal-Mart off Richmond Road.

Lexington Police say an off-duty officer woke up to the crash and chased after Brank, thinking he was the driver.

During the foot chase, police say Brank reached into his waist band, acting like he had a gun.

At one point, police say Brank even turned on the officer after the officer had identified himself.

The officer called for back up and Brank was arrested.

He's charged with menacing, fleeing and evading and alcohol intoxication.

Police haven't found the driver of the car responsible for the crash.

A 14-year-old boy injured his arm in the wreck.

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