Grandma Sentenced For Jump From Overpass

A Bath County woman who admitted jumping off a bridge, with her granddaughter in her arms, learned her fate on Monday afternoon.

In March of 2007, Theresa Jordan jumped from a bridge over I-64 while holding three-year-old Makayla Carpenter. Both were hurt but recovered.

Theresa Jordan pleaded guilty to wanton endangerment earlier this year. In exchange for the guilty plea, Jordan had her attempted murder charge dropped to wanton endangerment.

In court on Monday, Jordan was sentenced to five years probation: three years supervised and two years unsupervised.

Jordan says another high profile case put her over the edge. She says the Michaela Watkins case out of Winchester was in the news at around the same time and she got confused.

Police say 10-year-old Watkins was tortured and killed by her father and step-mother.

Jordan claims she associated the details of that case with her own granddaughter and was only trying to protect the girl.

Jordan will continue to undergo mental treatment while on probation. She's ordered to have no unsupervised contact with her young granddaughter.

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