Whitley County Man Admits To Role In Robbery

Josh Emerson Surgener does not deny his role in the Sunday night robbery of Fast Trax in southern Whitley County.

“And I drove and dropped him off, and then we left,” Surgener says from the Whitley County Detention Center in Williamsburg.

Surgener claims that Douglas Boyd Malone was the robbery ringleader. Police say Surgener, Boyd, and Todd Evan Bryant were all to blame, and all are charged with first degree robbery.

“Pretty much when a guy is at the end of his rope, there's no telling what he will do,” said Surgener of the illegal act he’s accused of doing.

The store clerk says the man who actually held up the store was wearing a red bandanna and pointed at gun at her face, then fired two shots when she didn't immediately comply with his demands. The man left and a short time later, Surgener says police caught up with them in Tennessee.

Surgener says he’s not surprised at the quick police response that led to his arrest.

He also says he knew he was going to get caught and that being in jail is not so bad.

“I have no place to live. You know, I figure as long as I'm here. I have a place to live, something to eat,” said Surgener.

Police say all three are charged with first degree robbery because a weapon was involved. While happy to have a roof over his head, he realizes he's in serious trouble.

“I just kind of went along with it. Which is kind of stupid now that I think about it,” said Surgener.

Fast Trax employees say they were able to recover the stolen money.

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