Man Injured In Home Invasion

An Anderson County man is recovering after two robbers beat him during an early Tuesday morning home invasion.

Police say two masked men rang the door bell repeatedly at the man's home on Highland Avenue in Lawrenceburg.

Once Coley Wideman got to the door, the robbers forced their way in and pistol whipped him.

Wideman says one of the men fought with him while the other went searching through the house

The victim's wife and 15-year-old daughter weren't hurt. They hid out in a bedroom.

The robbers got away with a purse filled with cash and some prescription drugs.

Coley suffered some cuts to his head, but it doing OK.

The search continues for the robbers. Police say they were dressed all in black and were wearing masks so it will be difficult to figure out who they were.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Lawrenceburg Police at 502-839-5125.

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