Argument Over Money Leads to Pulaski Home Invasion

Kevin Hall says he invited his neighbor, Jeff Allen, over to his home to discuss some money he says Allen owed him. Hall says the meeting was cordial...until the issue of the $10 or $15 loan came up.

“Then he wanted to get a little hostile in here. I guess he had been drinking. He was kind ‘lit’,” says Hall.

Allen eventually left...but he returned. Police say Allen tried to break down Hall’s front door with a metal bat. When that didn't work...Hall says Allen smashed the glass in the back door. Hall says that's when he grabbed a bat of his own.

“And when he got here, that's when I wacked him with that bat. Got him to drop the bat, proceeded to get him in a head lock. And dragged him to the front door,” said Hall.

Hall says he was worried about his and his wife's safety. But he says the safety and welfare of his unborn daughter also came into play.

“The traumatic experience of the fight caused me to go into labor,” said Amanda Hall, who is one month away from her due date.

She was rushed to the hospital where doctors put a stop to the labor.

“He endangered the life of our unborn child,” said Amanda Hall.

Police say Kevin Hall had every right to defend his home.

“In this case I think he thought he or his occupants were under the threat of bodily harm and took action accordingly,” said Det. Shannon Smith with Somerset Police.

“I didn't know what to do. I knew I had to do something to get him out of my place,” said Hall.

Allen was arrested near from the scene and charged with burglary second.

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