Injured Raccoon Needs Help

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Raccoons are not an endangered species by any means, but when one cute little raccoon was endangered in Central Kentucky, humans were quick to step up and help.

The newest edition at the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge in Jessamine County is a young raccoon now named Birdie for a good reason.

Michele Shockley, the President of the Board of Directors at Wolf Run, tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "Birdie was found at Danville High School by teacher Dana Hager. The raccoon had been pinned underneath a cement bird bath with a pedestal, and it toppled over on top of him when he was trying to get a drink of water. She took him home for the weekend and then brought him to us to hopefully rehab him and release him back into the wild."

The vet who examined Birdie thinks there is nerve damage in his left front leg that will require either pinning or amputation, and Wolf Run simply doesn't have the necessary funds for expensive surgery like that, so they will need help to get Birdie back to health.

Shockley says, "We will need probably $1,500 to $2,000 if it's an amputation because we will have to build him a special habitat. If it's a pinning, that's a little more expensive, but that way he could be released into the wild. We would love to be able to take in every animal that comes to our doorstep and get the vet care we need. Unfortunately, we're non-profit and receive no federal or state grants so we're run on private donations."

If Birdie's leg does have to come off, there is living proof at Wolf Run Refuge that animals can get along surprisingly well on 3 legs. Michele Shockely showed us a 3 legged dog and a 3 legged deer which she says have learned to adapt and go on.

Hopefully, Birdie will, too. If you'd like to contribute to his surgery, you can go to Wolf Run's web site, at the link below, to make a pay pal donation or get the mailing address and send a check.

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