Replacement For Leaning Water Tower Approved

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It's been almost a year since a leaning water tower in Jackson County had to be torn down after it was built on top of an old mine shaft.

This week, the county just approved a new water tower, which will be built about two-miles from the old site on Harrison Road.

County officials say the ground at the new location is more sturdy this time around.

"It's good to go. We are confident it will work, our engineers have deemed the site safe," said Howard Williams, President of the Jackson County Water Association.

Construction of the new tower will begin soon and it's expected to be operational by late fall for the hundreds of people who call northern Jackson County home.

"We are very happy to hear about the new tower, it will provide us all the adequate water pressure we've lived without for a long time," resident Jim Harrison said.

The original water tower remains on top of the hill. Crews say they cannot remove it right now, because the ground around it is still too dangerous.

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