No Charges Filed In Deadly Shooting

A man is dead after he was shot several times outside his home. Police say his wife pulled the trigger, but she's not being charged.

Tamara Wilson told police she killed him in self defense.

The violence broke out in the Faubush community in western Pulaski County.

A house is a home to many. But police say 4893 Hwy.196 in Faubush was often a house of horror for Tamara Wilson.

“I know that Mrs. Wilson has stated that she has left (her house) on many occasions,” said Pulaski County Sheriff Todd Wood.

Police say Tamara Wilson frequently filed domestic violence complaints against her husband. Court records show a history of emergency protective orders, assaults, and other issues with William Wilson dating back at least 6 years.

“It’s been a situation where Mrs. Wilson left her home and visited her mother and father, stayed away on purpose..just to let the situation calm down,” Sheriff Wood said of the many times when Ms. Wilson didn’t feel safe at home.

But the situation Tuesday night never settled down and police say Tamara Wilson grabbed a .22 caliber gun from a closet and fired several rounds at her husband.

William Wilson died later at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital.

“She was in fear for her safety as well as her family. She stated, that's why this took place,” said Wood.

Police say while no charges were filed against Tamara Wilson, a grand jury will consider the case when it meets in September.

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