Food Bank "Bankrupt"

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A Madison County food bank has nothing to offer the needy due to tough times.

The Grace Now Food Bank is in need of a saving grace: donations.

The pantry, which has been serving food to the community every Monday for more than seven years, is temporarily shut down, due to high demand.

The Grace Now Food Bank Operations Manager Sherry Robinson made the decision to shut down last week.

She explains, "I didn't have the money in our account to buy the food I knew it would take", to serve the dozens of extra people that had been showing up in the past few weeks.

For years, the food bank was used to serving 20 to 30 people a week. But recently, 70 people showed up, the food ran out, and people had to be turned away.

Since that day, the Grace Now Food Bank has not been able to fully re-stock its shelves. Until it is, the food bank will remain closed.

That's unbelievable to Robinson. "It's just breaks my heart", she says, "to know that we can't give these people what they need, knowing they wouldn't be here if they didn't need it.”

She says the best hope of getting the pantry back open is an influx of contributions from the community. She says anything from canned foods, non-perishable items, frozen meat, dairy, and personal hygiene items would be welcome.

For more information about the food bank, or to contact Sherry Robinson, call (859) 626-8990.

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