Man Injured In Logging Accident

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A logger in Clark County is pinned under a tree, sending rescue workers on an intense and dangerous mission.

The accident happened Thursday morning on Trapps Goff Corner just off KY-89.

Only our cameras were rolling as crews barreled down a two-mile long gravel path with the injured logger, Paul Kidd, in the back of an SUV.

The owners of the farm where the accident happened say a skidder was pulling down a tree and hit a dead tree that landed on Kidd.

Emergency crews transferred Kidd into the back of an ambulance at the top of a hill. That's because the ambulance couldn't make it to where the accident happened. The terrain was too steep and the dirt paths too narrow.

Kidd was about two miles into the woods when the tree fell on him.
Witnesses say it fell on his back and possibly his leg.

Shawn Goolman, one of the family members who owns the property, accompanied rescuers in his 4-wheeler to try and help with the rescue. He says Kidd was alert and talking but in serious pain.

The owners of the Clark county farm say they're allowing the Harold White Lumber Company in Morehead to log on their property and Kidd is an employee. He says the tree that fell on him was massive.

Emergency crews on the scene say they do not believe Kidd's injuries are life-threatening.

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