Burglars Target Central Kentucky Church

They're regulars at a central Kentucky church, but police say they're up to no good.

Three times in recent weeks, someone has broken in to the First Alliance Church on Barnes Mill Road near Richmond, taking money or valuables each time.

The pastor says the first two times, the thieves got into the building by crawling through an opening next to a window air conditioning unit.

The first time, the church secretary may have caught the burglars still in the church.

She showed up to work early and noticed a car in the parking lot. She says once she got inside, she smelled cigarette smoke. After looking around and finding nothing, she went back out the parking lot to write down the license plate number of the car. It was already gone.

The thieves have gotten away with electronic items like a fax machine and a computer and a small amount of cash.

Because of the three burglaries, the church has not removed the window AC unit and installed a security system.

The pastor says most of the stolen equipment was insured. They've also put new security bars on doors throughout the church..

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