Men Arrested After Rash of Thefts in Danville

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Four people are now behind bars after committing a rash of crimes in Danville.

Two people were arrested overnight in Danville and police spent much of the day looking for two others involved in numerous crimes.

The two men were arrested on Thursday at the Bluegrass Truck Stop in Danville, driving a stolen SUV they took overnight. The entire incident was caught on the truck stop's surveillance camera.

"It was kinda shocking", says Sarah Sneed, a manager at the truck stop.

Police say the two men, 36-year-old Michael Lopez and 26-year-old Bradley Young, were wanted in connection with burglaries and using stolen checks and credit cards in stores.

Danville Police say the two men, along with 44-year-old Leanord Bates and 44-year-old Larry Bottom, have committed a number of crimes.

"Burglaries, larceny from autos, and credit cards and checks have been stolen", says Captain James Monroe with the Danville Police Department.

Bates and Bottom were arrested on Wednesday and today Lopez and Young were found after committing thefts overnight, including stealing a jeep.

The jeep was found and returned to the owners today, who tell 27 NewsFirst the car was a gift for their 16-year-old daughter who plans to get her license on Monday. They were shocked to find it missing this morning from their home.

Police are just hoping the recent arrests will finally put an end to the crime spree that's been going on in Danville.

"Hopefully is will cause a drop in the burglaries", says Capt. Monroe.

All four men involved in the rash of burglaries are now behind bars at the Boyle County Detention Center. Leonard Bates, Larry Bottom, and Bradley Young have all been charged with burglary. Michael Lopez has been charged with burglary, forgery, and fraudulent use of checks".

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