Runaway rail car collides with train in Georgetown

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - A collision made quite a big mess at a central Kentucky railroad crossing. Georgetown Police tell us a train slammed into a runaway rail car head-on, causing some damage.

It happened late Monday afternoon at the Main Street extended railroad crossing in Georgetown. Police say the rail car detached from another train, but no one realized it until the crash.

If you live within a mile of these railroad tracks, then you heard it.

"I heard something screeching," said William McIntyre, who lives nearby. "And then all of a sudden I heard a crash."

It was a Norfolk Southern Railway train. Georgetown Police say the train was headed south at the same time a detached rail car was headed north. You can guess what happened next.

"The train obviously came up on it, was unable to stop in time, struck the stray car, and subsequently derailed the stray car, causing substantial damage to the front of the engine," said Lt. Philip Halley, with Georgetown Police.

William McIntyre, 83 and Woody Eades, 80, keep their eyes and ears on this side of town and have for 60 years now. The two came running to check out what happened and better yet document it.

"If it's a train wreck, you'll hear ambulances and everything coming this way," said McIntyre.

McIntyre and Eades say they've seen much worse over the years.

"A boy tried to out run the train on the crossing here and the train got him," said Eades.

On this Monday, they're just glad it wasn't as bad as it sounded. And they've got a good story to tell.

"I've been here 83 years, and I hope to be here 83 more," said McIntyre.

Police say neither the train or the rail car had anything hazardous on board. They also say an engineer on the train had minor injuries.

On Tuesday morning, Georgetown Police told us the mess had been cleaned up.

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