27-year-old Lexington murder case to get national attention

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - One of Lexington's most notorious murder cases will soon be getting some national attention.

The Discovery Channel is working on a show that will profile the murder of Michael Turpin.

Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Larson was interviewed for the show. WKYT talked to him about the case he prosecuted 27 years ago.

A 1986 Lexington murder has caught the eye of the Discovery Channel.

"Finally, they got ahold of me, and they wanted to talk about it. I said, 'Okay,'" said Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Larson.

It involved a love triangle, some manipulation, and the hiring of a killer.

"Elizabeth Turpin, who is his wife, Karen Brown, and Keith Bouchard were ultimately charged with the murder, stabbing death of Michael Turpin for some dumb reason," said Larson.

Elizabeth Turpin's brains behind the operation and ability to drag two others into the mix is what got the attention of this speciality channel.

"I think they were focused on the idea that Elizabeth Turpin is perhaps one of the most manipulative defendants they've ever heard of. And that's true," said Larson.

The romantic relationship between Elizabeth Turpin and Karen Brown, the money involved, and the good-looking, well-known Turpin couple caught the public's eye.

"The judge finally had to take control of the crowd. People were lined up around the courthouse to try to get in," said Larson.

This attorney says he wasn't surprised when a production company continued to contact him about the case.

"We had a cast of characters in this thing. You couldn't write this. And the public was fascinated," said Larson.

The piece was shot yesterday in Lexington, shining national light on Elizabeth Turpin's determination to kill her husband.

A state board denied Elizabeth Turpin parole last year. Brown and Bouchard will be up for parole in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

The Discovery Channel has not set a date for when the Turpin story will air.

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