Victim Of Thieves: " I'm Heartbroken"

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A Danville woman is stuggling to make it to work, make it to the grocery store, and make sense of her life, since thieves took her moped.
Clela Durham says since then, she's been walking everywhere. "It's real hard to keep feet burn, my legs, burn", and she says her heart is broken. "Not only did they take my bike, they took my independence", says Durham.
The 50-year-old, just began rebuilding her life. A series of injuries forced her to retire her factory and sent her into tough financial times. But she bounced back and got a degree and a new job. Her mo-ped took her to her to the new job, and helped her search for a second one. But without the bike, her life is upside down.
Durham says she needs this bike back so badly that she won't even press charges against whoever took it, if they return it back to the spot they took it from.
In the meantime, she's asking the public to be on the look out for her bike. The moped is a 1983 FA-50 red suzuki.
If you see it anywhere in Danville or the surrounding areas, please call the police immediately.

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