Mutilated Bunny Found in Driveway

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A Lexington man makes a disturbing discovery in his driveway on Friday morning.

Andy Doerr was taking out the trash at his Versailles Road home when he found a dead baby rabbit with a shoestring tied around it's neck.

When Doerr called police, he already had suspects in mind.

"The fence from the Messner's is only about 10 feet away. It's the only place it could have come from," Doerr said.

Police say The Messner home operates as a half-way house for men, largely sheltering mentally ill veterans. While Doerr says he has had a little trouble with the residents before, he says he's never seen anything like this.

"If their minds are in a state where they're hanging rabbits with their shoelace and throwing them in their neighbor's yard, they don't need to be in a residential neighborhood. They need to be in a care facility," he said.

Animal Control officers were on the scene for quite a while Friday morning as police officers talked to Mr. Messner's son-in-law next door. Mr. Messner was not there.

Animal control officers eventually took the rabbit away for investigation.

Doerr said, "This is just disturbing, this is not the product of a sane mind."

Ralph Messner eventually returned calls to 27 NEWSFIRST. He says he does not believe the rabbit came from his property nor does he believe his boarders are responsible.

Animal Control officers say they are trying to figure out if the rabbit was dead before the noose was tied around it's neck. So far, nobody has been charged with any crime.

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