Copper Thefts Were A Hoax

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Stories regarding copper thefts have made headlines across the country. But one of those cases turned out to be a hoax.

Last month, 27 NewsFirst brought you the story of copper thefts at weather warning sirens in Elizabethtown. Bobby Heath reported the crimes and even spoke to us about how upset he was about the thefts. He indicated that this sort of crime can put people's lives at risk.

Heath had a contract with the city of Elizabethtown to maintain the sirens. He charged the city thousands of dollars to repair them following the reported vandalism. But someone in town became suspicious of his claims. That person told police that at least one of the sirens hadn't been working for some time. That's when police took a closer look at Heath's story. They soon discovered that not only had the sirens not been repaired, they had never been vandalized in the first place.

Heath was arrested and police say he admitted to falsely reporting a crime. He is lodged in the Hardin County Detention Center on a $20,500 bond. He is charged with failure to make required disposition of property and falsely reporting an incident.

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