Family's Tax Rebate Check Stolen

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Brad and Jeanette Coomer have a new home and a growing family. So news of a $1,500.00 econcomic stiumulus check heading their way was great news.
The coomer's kept their eye on the mailbox every day,but it never came. So they called the Internal Revenue Service to get answers. Three days ago, the answers came. The Coomers got a copy of their already cashed check in the mail. They say it had been endorsed and cashed at National City Bank in Danville.
Brad coomer says his wife Jeanette went to bank for answers. They claim she was told a bank teller: cashed the check and put it in the account of a person who signed the wrong name to the check.
27 Newsfirst contacted the bank about this incident. The manager told us she "was not allowed" to comment, and referred us to her superior. That individual has yet to return our call.
The Coomers say the only consolation they have, is that federal investigators are working to get to the bottom of this case, and the I.R.S. says, it will cut them another check, if they file a claim.
No charges have been filed against the woman who cashed the Coomers' check.

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