Woman Fearful After Kidnapping and Assault

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19-year-old Ashley Larson says she refuses to be left alone and is always looking over her back.

Back on August 5th, Larson says her ex-boyfriend, Timothy Christopher II, kidnapped her from the parking lot of her workplace, drove her through several counties and assaulted her. She eventually got away and Christopher went to the Montgomery County Detention Center.

Christopher was released last Thursday on a $7,500 bond. Larson has an emergency protection order filed against him but she says he has broken it in the past. She says he has even tried to break into her home.

As she recalls her kidnapping ordeal, Larson says Christopher threatened to kill her and she worries that eventually, he might actually act on that threat. She says she is frustrated with the legal system in that it allows someone who allegedly committed such a serious crime to get out of jail on what she calls a low bond amount.

Christopher is set to be back in court in Montgomery County on August 28th.

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