Woman Finds Serviceman's Old Love Letter

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"It would have been shredded," said Lexington resident Denise Momola.

She found a letter dated May 18, 1944 while working at the Lexington recycling station. The letter has a U.S. Marine Corps insignia on it and in it, the author eloquently professes his love to its recipient.

"Precious, if you could only realize how lonely I am for you and your companionship. There's plenty of lost time to be regained someday and I for one hope it's soon," reads one passage in the letter.

The two page document is written to "Nonie" and signed by "Woodie." Momolo said there was no envelope with the letter when it was found so it's not clear where it was sent from or where it was headed.

Momola is hoping that she can somehow track down a relative of the author or the recipient. The date of the letter is more than a year before the end of World War II. The author does not indicate where he was writing from or whether he had been involved in combat.

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