Mother Accused Of Keeping Child In Filth Released From Jail

A judge is letting Kahyleaha F. Alcorn out of jail but she has a lot of conditions she must meet. Among them..she can't take her 2 year old child home with her.

Police say they found the 27 year old mother living in filth. Pictures released by police show a trailer filled with a mess of clothes strewn out all over floors, and a litter box and cat feces throughout the home. And they say Kahyleaha F. Alcorn is charged with a felony because her 2-year-old son had to live in it.

“The commonwealth has made it a crime not to protect children,” says Pulaski County Attorney Bill Thompson.

Police were prepared to outline the charges against Alcorn during a preliminary hearing Monday. But instead a deal was made for Alcorn to waive that hearing. Alcorn will get out of jail...without paying a bond.

“We're asking the court to allow her to sign herself out with her own signature,” Alcorn’s attorney asked Judge Kathy Wood during Monday afternoon’s court hearing.

Wood granted that, but with conditions put forth by the county attorney.

“She's not to have any visitation except through the department of social services,” Thompson requested. Alcorn’s son is currently in state custody.

Police said the toddler was found with bloody hands and that he had been standing in a broken window for hours. His diaper was full and overflowing.

The county attorney says Alcorn clearly committed a crime but there's also a fine line not to prosecute poverty.

“To be honest with you, poverty is not an excuse for the obligation to protect your children,” said Thompson.

The judge granted the release on part because police and attorneys said Alcorn has never faced any prior criminal charges.

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