Lancaster Residents Vote Yes To Alcohol Sales

Nearly half the voters in Lancaster hit the polls to choose whether businesses can sell alcohol. The decision is yes.

The proposal was passed with 656 votes in favor to 550 opposed. Voter turnout ended up being nearly 50 percent, much higher than the turnout for the May Primary.

Liquor licenses are not be issued for at least 60 days following a verified vote.

Most religious groups in the city opposed the measure to allow alchohol sales in the town but some residents say it's not a moral issue, it's just business.

The goal of allowing the city to be "wet" is to bring in more revenue and hopefully spur an economy that is in need of a boost. Many local businesses have shut down in recent years. The hope for some is that if alcohol sales became legal, new businesses and more jobs might make their way back to the city.

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