Ice Cream Truck Driver Arrested On Sex Charges

An ice cream truck driver is in jail, accused of targeting the young people he served.

Police say 45-year-old James Helton tried to lure two girls into his truck.

According to detectives, James Helton attempted to lure the same two girls, both under the age of 13, not once- but twice.

Police arrested the Nicholasville man Monday night in Harrison, Ohio. That's just west of Cincinnati.

On Tuesday he faced a judge, charged with four counts of criminal child enticement.

Detectives say Helton tried to lure the girls, one 10, the other 11, by telling them he would give them free ice cream if they would go for a ride.

Police also say he allegedly told the same girls to put on their swimsuits to go swimming with him at his house.

A judge set Helton's bond at 40 thousand dollars.

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