Police search home of twin brothers charged in child porn case

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - On Friday, investigators returned to the Lexington home of twin brothers charged in a child pornography case.

Police were first called to Jack and Jerry Cassidy's home on Mason Headley Road Monday. Inside, they say they found a "significant" amount of child pornography.

After that search, police say they arrested the brothers and charged them with possessing child pornography.

In the days since the arrest, Lexington Police say they have received numerous tips from the public about the men, regarding other possible criminal acts.

Those tips led police back to the home Friday afternoon. Police say they looked for any clues that would back up the tips they received.

WKYT has learned the Cassidy brothers were involved in the Boy Scouts in the 1970s. Allegations at that time led to their removal from the scouts.

The brothers have pleaded not guilty to the child porn charges. Both are still in jail.

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