Woman Comes Home To Find Burglar Eating At Kitchen Table

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Police are looking into an unusual break-in in Georgetown. The homeowner came home to find the criminal eating her food at her kitchen table after he cut a hole in a bedroom wall.

At 3:00 Saturday morning, Scott County Sheriff Deputy Buster Cannon says an air conditioner was pulled out of the window of a home on Dale Drive and a 14-year-old, along with others, climbed through.

Police say once they got inside, they realized there was a problem.

Deputy Cannon says, "They were unaware that inside the structure had childproof locks on it which obviously they couldn't get back out of."

Around this same time, the woman who lives in the home got a text message from her 12-year-old son, informing her that somebody might be in the house.

Deputy Cannon says she came home to find them sitting at the kitchen table, eating.

That appeared to be all they wanted to do, because police say they didn't take much.

"No, he just got him some munchies and left," Deputy Cannon said.

When police caught one suspect, just down the road, it became clear how he had escaped the locked room.

"After checking him out found some drywall on his waist underneath his shirt where he scrambled through, the hole he'd made with the decoration he used to knock a hole through the wall," Cannon said.

Police say the 14-year-old was intoxicated but coherent when he was arrested. He has since been released back to his parent's care.

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