Former Candidate For Governor Out Of Jail On Bond

Otis Hensley bonded out of jail Wednesday. He says the incident is all one big misunderstanding that came about from a phrase he says he's been saying for years.

"I said 'do you want to trade those girls for a good hog?' and turned around and walked away," Hensley says.

Otis Hensley says it's those words that have him behind bars after approaching a woman and two kids in a Harlan grocery store.

"I don't know the family or the kids. I never talked to them before in my life. It was just a joke. A simple fact, just a joke," Hensley says.

"I was in the bank 30 minutes before and said the same thing to another woman. I've been saying for years."

On Monday Otis Hensley, a former gubernatorial candidate was arrested after someone complained he tried to get an 11-year-old and 13-year-old into engaging in an illegal sex act.

Hensley says it's all a misunderstanding and he tried to take it back.

"I tried my best to apologize to the woman but she wouldn't accept," Hensley says.

Hensley hopes a lie detector test will clear his name. "That will prove I only said I would trade the girls for a hog. That's all I said! I said 10 words to the lady in less than a minute!"

Ten words he says he'll never say again.

"No! I said it my last time!"

Otis Hensley tells us he's never been in trouble or arrested before and is surprised this happened.

He says he thought the woman knew him from being a former candidate for Governor and would know he was only joking with her.

Hensley was released on a $15,000 dollar bond.

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