Hamburg Pavilion Hit by Shoplifting Spree

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Two people face charges for stealing from several Lexington stores.

Police say the shoplifters hit at least six stores Tuesday at Hamburg Pavilion. A pair have now been arrested for stealing hundreds of dollars worth of items.

"There was stuff all over the place," says Beverly Dalton, a shopper. "It's pretty wild people can be that bold."

Clothes and accessories were all gathered on top of the suspects' car, with sales associates coming one by one picking up items taken from their store.

Police say a man and a woman are behind bars facing felony theft charges, but employees say the shoplifting problem overall is growing and doesn't end there. They say there has been a recent spike in shoplifting at the Hamburg Pavilion.

Some are hoping stores will heighten security to keep thieves from coming back.

Police have identified the two people charged with felony theft as 20-year-old Darren Butler and 19-year-old Tara Hill.

Hill also faces drug charges.

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