"Rat House" For Sale

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"Rat House" going once, going twice, sold! That could soon be the auctioneers cry as the once rat-infested home in the Andover area is put to bid.

The house, which had to be condemned and cleaned from top to bottom due a massive rodent invasion, is now ready for a buyer.

The neighborhood is abuzz with news that the departure of its four-legged residents is making way for new two-legged ones.

"I think everything is on track to get it all put behind everybody", says resident Lou Gorrell.

The foreclosed house is for sale by a local realty company, but if it doesn't sell by October 6th at noon, it will be auctioned off at the Fayette County Circuit Court House.

The realty company Goins Realty, claims the property is worth about $225,000. But if it doesn't sell on the market, the buyer can buy it at the auction for as little as two-thirds its market value.

Neighbors like Gorrell feel reduced pricing on a home that once would've sold for nearly $400,000, will ensure it will be snatched up quickly, despite its rodent-ravaged history.

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