City Introduces The "Lily" Rain Barrel With Hopes To Improve Water Quality

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Two Lexington inventors, Mitzi Bender and Karen Bell, have developed a rain barrel that collects storm water while doubling as a plant urn. The rain barrel, known as "Lily", has become a part of the city's "Wastenot Family".

"Lily" is a 55-gallon barrel that can be attached to a downspout at one's house. Storm water runoff is stored in the bin and has a connection for a hose so that water can be released at a controlled rate. It also has a removable lid that is also designed to hold and water plants.

Mitzi Bender, inventor, says, " The Lily was born from a storm water problem. You're going to be able to reuse water and it's so good for the environment."

"Lily" will help reduce water runoff that contributes to the pollution of streams and rivers, while also preventing localized flooding.

Cheryl Taylor, Commissioner of Dept. Environmental Quality, says, "They are going to allow us to control sediment which is the number one pollutant in Kentucky streams."

Only 500 "Lily" rain barrels are currently available to citizens. The city plans to purchase more if the barrel takes off city-wide.

Each "Lily" costs $75 and only one is allowed per household. Contact LexCall at 311 to purchase your rain barrel.

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