School Bus Controversy in Jessamine County

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A Jessamine County parent is irate because school officials failed to notify him that his daughter was involved in a non-injury bus accident.

Timothy Barnes claims his five-year-old daughter was more than half an hour late getting home from school Wednesday. And although no parents were notified of any problem, Barnes later learned by making some calls of this own that her bus had been involved in an accident that thankfully resulted in no injuries.

Mr. Barnes told 27 NEWSFIRST, "When one o'clock rolled around and the school bus wasn't here, I called the school for them to call the bus and see where the bus was. After putting me on hold for about ten minutes, they came back and told me that my little girl was in a fender bender on the school bus. I asked why they didn't notify us, and they pretty much blew me off and referred me to the head of transportation for Jessamine County schools. He told me he didn't owe me any explanation and pretty much hung up the phone on me."

The bus was stopped on narrow Windom Lane when a box truck tried to pass it and clipped a side marker light on the bus, and police were called to investigate.

Mr. Barnes thinks he shouldn't have had to ask the school for that information.

He says, "My complaint was that when an accident happens involving any child, no matter if it's minor or serious, a parent should be notified because we don't know what's going on, and they're the only ones that do know what's going on."

Just before 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, Barnes received a call from the superintendent of schools who informed him she was still unaware that a Jessamine County bus had been involved in an accident.

Transportation Director Chris Bellman says the school system currently has no plan in place to notify parents in the event of a non-injury accident. He also denies hanging up on Mr. Barnes.

The bus was able to resume it's normal route Wednesday afternoon.

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