Mother Of Four Busted On Abuse Charges

Neighbors say there's been a problem building at 123 Aqua Trial in Somerset for quite some time.

“We've all been complaining about it for awhile,” said Joe Burnett.

The problem, police say, was garbage, clothes and even animal waste in every room. And police say Lisa Denny is now in jail because her 4 children were forced to live in it.

“Kids were always running around all over the place. Not really being watched whatsoever,” said Burnett.

“This was just a case where the mother refused to put the effort to take care of a residence to keep it clean enough to let her children live and sleep and eat in a home,” said Pulaski County Sheriff Todd Wood.

Police say their investigation got on the fast track when school officials called them saying there were some children coming to school hungry.

A home visit from the school turned into a call to police and officers on the scene say they couldn't believe humans could live in such a place.

“Odor in the house. Every room you had to step over something in the process of stepping over some items, you had to avoid stepping over a plate of food or left over food,” said Sheriff Wood.

Neighbors say Denny's four children were constantly put in harm's way.

“They’d be running up the road, cars zipping in and out of here, all the time. Nobody is watching them,” said Burnett.

The children, ages 4 to 14, are now in state custody and Lisa Denny is in jail charged with criminal abuse second degree

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