Illegal Gambling Rooms Raided

Gaming machine seized during raid at Adriana’s Tienda Mexicana in Morristown.
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Several business owners are facing felony charges after police crack down on illegal gambling. Five Pulaski County stores, from Somerset to Burnside, were raided. The Slate Branch Super Stop, Lakeway Shell, Louise's Food Mart, and the Southern Express were the businesses involved.

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department along with Burnside Police Department seized gambling machines from video poker to coin pushers in the stores. The investigation was launched after several customers complained.

Nearly 40 video poker machines along with thousands of dollars were confiscated. Police say the stores involved were convenience store type businesses. Police began searching the businesses after an undercover investigation revealed hidden gaming rooms.

"They were rooms closed off by a door, not visible to the general public," says Pulaski County Sheriff Todd Wood.

The secrecy surrounding these gambling rooms made it necessary to launch an undercover investigation, which ultimately led to the raid. Pulaski Sheriff's Department says several of businesses were given warnings ahead of time, while some chose to take out these gaming machines, others did not.

The investigation still continues as other businesses in the area may also have gambling machines.

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