Serial Bank Robber Identified

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A serial bank robbery, who has hit in Lexington, is reportedly on the run after being identified by police.

He's been dubbed the 'Plaid Shirt Robber." On Thursday morning, police identified him as Joseph Paul Young of Rogersville, Missouri.

Police say they got the tip they needed when a person in Charleston, West Virginia, the last city hit, reported seeing a black truck lurking around a bank that matched the description of Young's getaway truck.

Police tracked it to Joseph Young.

Police, including the FBI, went to Young's home to try to arrest him. He was able to get away, and they are still searching for him.

Charleston police say Young could be linked to even more robberies.

"Possibly up to 40 bank robberies will be solved", says Sgt. S.A. Cooper with Charleston Police.

As of Tuesday, the plaid shirt robber had been blamed for at least 20 hold-ups across the country, eight of those in Kentucky, including one at a Lexington PNC Bank on New Year's Eve.

"This person has terrorized many banks across the U.S. and luckily for law enforcement and the public, nobody has been injured", says Sgt. Pete Ford with the Lexington Police Department.

Young has been convicted of bank robbery before. He served five years in prison.

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